Rebound Rate > 30%

Accurate Calculation of the Touch Experience

In order to ensure that every touchkey on our products provides users with a completely consistent touch experience, United Imaging Healthcare's engineers have conducted countless experiments on the actuation force and corresponding return force of the key. The "N"-shaped curves on the screen in the test room record the "heartbeats" of the key. The peaks and valleys of the "ECG" show the changes in force when a high-precision instrument touches the key, from gradually pressing it releasing it and allowing it to rebound freely. The engineers find the most ideal number from "ECG" testing tables; i.e., if the actuation force for a key is 300g, the tactile ratio should exceed 30%. This whole process is repeated dozens of times and the results are recorded in a thick stack of drawings. Each piece of parameter feedback must fall within the same strict range to ensure a unified touch experience over the course of many repetitions experience.

The relationship between key stroke and key force under optimal touch

10 Years of Service Life & 1 Million Clicks

Time Can't Reduce the Luster of the Keys

United Imaging Healthcare is the first to introduce the cutting-edge In-Mold Labeling (IML) process from the consumer electronics industry to the large medical equipment industry. It gives the keys a fine and transparent white porcelain texture, while making them permanently wear-resistant and ensuring that the key icons are always clearly displayed.The 1 million clicks test far exceeds the limit of 300,000 clicks for general keys, and the 10-year service life ensures that the keys will still work as before after the average life span of medical devices reaches 8 years. It overturns the dilemma that the key pattern is illegible due to daily wear and tear before the life span of mainstream high-end medical devices in the market, and eliminates the possibility of misuse due to unrecognizable key icons. 


20-Micron Gap & 6 Guide Pillars

The Invisible Details

Every touchkey on United Imaging Healthcare's products, regardless of shape, won't shake from side to side when touched at any angle or any position. This rock-solid feature stems from the internal structure of the keys: there are 6 freely retractable guide pillars under each key cap providing firm support from all angles. Each guide pillar is only 20 microns away from the key boundary. The micron-level gap that reaches the technological limit ensures that the guide pillars won't shake significantly under external forces, and that every click at any angle is accurate and stable.