Interesting souls are bound to meet. So many desired career paths and connections intersect at United Imaging Healthcare.

Develop Medical Products and Solutions That Matter; Explore the Ultimate Mysteries of Life.

Guobin graduated from the University of Freiburg, Germany. He is the youngest scientist CEO at UIH. His non-academic medical background has brought him a unique ability to creatively apply AI and MMW to medical devices. He is the one taking MRI into the era of "brain-inspired intelligence."

My Research Bases Are All Over the World

Jayden graduated from Cambridge University, UK. He has long devoted himself to original innovation and industrial transformation by focusing on actual clinical and research needs. Jayden used to accomplish technical development and verification with team members within 72 hours, delivering the world's first PET/MR scanning of COVID-19.

New Trails Are There to Be Blazed

Jingjie graduated from Tsinghua University, China. Devoted to exploring "powerful anti-cancer weapons" in the past ten years, Jingjie has undertaken pioneering explorations of core components and algorithms from scratch. Her efforts have substantially accelerated the development of radiotherapy.

Always Be Passionate, Pursue the Value of Science and Technology

Yihuan graduated from Stony Brook University, USA.
After 12 years of intensive research in molecular imaging, he has led the team to develop state-of-the-art molecular imaging algorithms and applications with uMI Panorama PET/CT. Thus, a new era of accurate diagnosis and treatment began.

Develop Leading Medical Devices for Our Country with Meticulous Care to Details

As a process engineer, Jin is good at thoroughly exploring the pain points in the production process. He has innovatively introduced intelligent equipment to transform manual production lines to intelligent ones, taking uCT production into the era of "Industry 4.0".

Beauty And Freedom Are Defined By Me !

As one of China's Top 10 Chief Design Officers in 2021, Tommy has established the industry's best experience and benchmark in design philosophy, aesthetic standard, material and processes as well as user experience. He is the facilitator that rolled out the United Imaging Healthcare product line that won Red Dot, IF and other grand international design awards.

There Is No Innate Genius; Hard Work Is What Matters for Success

As one of UIH's first marketing management trainees, Jiajia has grown from a marketing novice to a high-caliber veteran. Overcoming all setbacks on the way, she has led the team to make numerous market breakthroughs and deliver the service experience, far exceeding customers' expectations.

Understand In-depth Needs Wholeheartedly; Service Is an Extension of Product Innovation

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Max received a request from Maimonides Medical Center, the largest hospital in Brooklyn. At the first opportunity, he coordinated the resources at headquarters and went straight to the "core epidemic areas" to install the on-board intelligent uCT in a short time span.

Promote and Popularize the Most Innovative Products

Kathleen graduated from Tshwane University of Technology. As the No. 001 employee of UIH's subsidiary in South Africa, Kathleen is a "pioneer" who bases herself in Africa and brings advanced medical technologies to the benefit of the world.