Shape the Future of Precision Radiotherapy

Next generation of personalized precision radiotherapy is empowered by the utilization of IGRT based on high-quality diagnostic CT with a new radiotherapy clinical workflow.

Fully Integrated, Highly Precise Radiotherapy System

Integrated Design

Coaxial alignment of the diagnostic CT and linear accelerator with a shared table for precise treatment. It supports the entire RT workflow from CT simulation to CT image guidance and treatment delivery.

Sophisticated Algorithm Enabled System

Digital system architecture, ultra-wide 544° gantry angle span, 1400 MU/min dose rate, 120-leaf dynamic high-resolution MLC, and a sophisticated Monte Carlo Dose calculation algorithm.

Universal and Flexible Radiation Delivery

Supports all advanced radiotherapy applications, such as uARC®, sIMRT, dIMRT, 4D-CT, non-coplanar, and respiratory gating therapy.

High-Quality CT-IGRT

High-Quality CT-IGRT
Superior CT Imaging

Large FOV and scan length provides the necessary clinical flexibility to provide precise radiation therapy.

Gold Standard Dose Calculation

Electron density accuracy from FBCT provides a solid foundation for accurate radiation dose calculation.

Image Guidance Positioning Accuracy

Automatic tabletop longitudinal deflection positioning correction helps ensure guidance accuracy.

On-line Monitoring of Target Area Changes

Diagnostic CT helps monitor changes in the target area throughout the treatment sessions, adjusting the treatment plan accordingly and ensuring the accurate adjustment and delivery of the therapy plan.

High-Quality CT-IGRT

Intelligent Radiotherapy Platform

Intelligent Auto-Contouring

Intelligent Auto-Contouring

Contours for OAR and targets are generated within seconds. Supports more than 100 OAR and target volume models for lung, rectal, and cervical cancers.

3D dose modelling, beam orientation optimization, and auto-optimization


Integrates various treatment planning strategies such as 3D dose modelling, beam orientation optimization, and auto-optimization and allows for one -click treatment plan generation. Autoplan helps improve treatment planning efficiency and quality consistency.

Intelligent QA

Intelligent EPID QA system enables efficient, precise and easy-to-use Machine QA, Plan QA, 2D invivo* and 3D invivo*.
*2D invivo: Dose real-time monitor and warning through the treatment course.
*3D invivo: 3D dose reconstruction after the treatment.

Intelligent Treatment

The innovative unified trajectory generation process and system* can generate a smooth beam trajectory for moving components, ensuring treatment delivery accuracy and efficiency.
The virtual 3D collision detection system can monitor the patient's position in real-time for collision avoidance.

*Patent No.: US10751023B2
Patent No.: US10456103B2
Patent No.: EP3257553B1

Clinical Scenario

uRT-linac 506c offers a more precise, efficient, and patient friendly radiotherapy. The entire workflow of radiotherapy, including simulation, contouring, plan, treatment and QA, can be developed or modified online to facilitate individualized precision radiotherapy and a one-stop RT solution.

Online Adaptive Radiotherapy

great features of Online ART

Online ART Process

Online ART allows for timely adjustment of the treatment plan according to anatomical and functional changes of the patient, sparing OAR while maintaining optimal target coverage.

 diagnostic-quality CT images

Automated Deformable Registration

Deformable registration based on diagnostic-quality CT images can best protect OAR and the accuracy of treatment delivery.

the Application of Online ART in Oropharyngeal Cancer

The Application of Online ART in Oropharyngeal Cancer

Significant reduction of the tumor size during the radiotherapy treatment course. Utilizing the original treatment plan would have resulted in the unnecessary irradiation to the spinal cord and parotid gland. Utilizing online ART, the treatment plan can be automatically modified to account for changes in the target volume in order to reduce radiation dose to the spinal cord.

the Application of Online ART in Cervical Cancer

The Application of Online ART in Cervical Cancer

Compared with utilizing the original plan with IGRT, an online ART plan can reduce unnecessary irradiation to the bladder, improve target dose conformality and reduce the dose of the spinal cord to 35Gy.

One-Stop RT Solution

Innovative One-Stop Workflow

Redefines radiotherapy workflow efficiency from CT simulation to treatment delivery.*
*the duration is related to the type of disease; for now, a rectal cancer case takes about 15 minutes.

Intelligence Empowered Workflow

Combines intelligent localization, contouring, planning, treatment delivery and real-time dose monitoring; integrates expert experience and consensus; generates high-quality contouring and planning results efficiently, empowers comprehensive and precise radiotherapy.

Simplified User Inteface

Simplified user interface design reduces manual intervention and automates the workflow to increase efficiency and reduce errors.