Radiotherapy Precision Within Reach

uRT-linac 306 offers high guidance accuracy of two beams from the same source and one intelligent platform, which covers the whole radiotherapy clinical workflow, enabling greater access to advanced high-precision radiotherapy for more patients.

Advanced Precise Radiotherapy System

Advanced Precise Radiotherapy System
Leading Radiotherapy Performance

0.5mm isocenter localization accuracy; ultra-wide 544° gantry angle span; dynamic high-resolution 120 leaf MLC; 1400 MU/min dose rate.

Sophisticated Algorithm Enabled System

Integrated database; Fully digital system; Monte Carlo Dose Calculation algorithms with GPU acceleration.

Universal and Flexible Radiation Delivery

Supports advanced radiotherapy applications, such as uARC®, sIMRT, dIMRT, 4D-CT, and non-coplanar.

Advanced Precise Radiotherapy System

Energy-adjustable kV Level CBCT Image

Energy-adjustable kV Level CBCT Image
Energy-adjustable imaging patent technology

Patented 1.5Mev electron beams to maintain image quality comparable to conventional kV CBCT.

* Chinese Patent: ZL201510570857.1

Two Beams from the Same Source with High Guidance Accuracy

High imaging guidance positioning accuracy is achieved with both imaging and therapeutic beams sharing the same isocenter.

High Level of Automation

Single click CBCT imaging, automatic registration, table shift and collision avoidance.

Energy-adjustable kV Level CBCT Image

Unique Integrated Intelligent Platform

Intelligent Auto-Contouring

Intelligent Auto-Contouring

Contours for OAR and targets are generated within seconds. Supports more than 100 OAR and target volume models for lung, rectal, and cervical cancers.

Autoplan integrating various treatment planning strategies


Integrates various treatment planning strategies such as 3D dose modelling, beam orientation optimization, and auto-optimization and allows for one -click treatment plan generation. Autoplan helps improve treatment planning efficiency and quality consistency.

Intelligent QA

Intelligent EPID QA system enables efficient, precise and easy-to-use Machine QA, Plan QA, 2D invivo* and 3D invivo*.
*2D invivo: Dose real-time monitor and warning through the treatment course.
*3D invivo: 3D dose reconstruction after the treatment.

Intelligent Treatment

The innovative global trajectory generation (optimization) algorithm can generate a smooth beam trajectory for moving components, ensuring treatment delivery accuracy and efficiency.
The virtual 3D collision detection system can monitor the patient's position in real-time for collision avoidance.