Intelligent RT Cloud Ecosystem

Seek the Revolution, Empower the Evolution

The cloud-based ecosystem aims to promote sharing of expertise, the collaboration of clinical practice and research, covering most of the workflows of radiotherapy, such as MR/CT-Simulation, contouring, planning, treatment, QA and department information management; facilitates radiotherapy departments in the digital transition and upgrade; builds a collaboration platform to further clinical, research and academic communication, and helps to create an innovative and intelligent RT Cloud Ecology with high efficiency, flexibility and interconnection.

UIH Oncology Information System

Comprehensive solution managing the entire radiotherapy process from patient registration to follow-up while optimizing clinical workflow.

*The OIS contains uRVS which is under NMPA registration number of 20213210033
Customized Workflow Support

Customized configuration workflow support, the process of a radiotherapy system in series, and seamless jump Application module, which offers a simple, flexible and efficient clinical work experience.

Paperless Department

Provides site-specific data templates, electronic-document custom configuration, visual data binding and other convenient functions.

Standardized EMR

Standardized patient clinical information management that also facilitates statistical analysis and scientific research management.

Treatment Scheduling and Schedule Management

Supports equipment, personnel scheduling management and statistics, with visual appointment scheduling; Supports treatment status priority setting and automatic extension of the overdue schedule.

Treatment Recording and Validation

Unified treatment planning management, image guidance, treatment and QA; supports the comparison and verification of treatment plan data; closely tracks and monitors the treatment plan and treatment dose; provides warning to prevent radiation overdose.

Precise QA Management

Supports the recording and archiving of equipment QA data and treatment plan information and imports data records of other QA devices to help standardize the QA process, ensures the data can be tracked, managed, analyzed and studied.

Department-Level Business Intelligence

Supports multi-dimensional statistical analysis and graphical display of clinical, equipment, personnel and other departments' data, with multi-role authorization configuration and medical big data* visualization, which assists department management and scientific research.

United Imaging will not collect or process personal data.

Multi-Screen Synchronous Queuing

Supports face recognition* and other ways to check-in; supports the information synchronization of the therapist desk and treatment room.

United Imaging will not collect or process personal data.

UIH Physician Workstation

Easy to use design facilitates intelligent contouring to improve clinical efficiency
*Not approved for commercial use. Applications for commercial use are pending in the U.S. and the EU.
UIH Physician Workstation
Multimodality Image Registration

Supports both rigid and non-rigid registration of multimodality image fusion such as CT, MR, PET/CT and PET/MR to support greater contouring accuracy.

Intelligent Contouring

Generates contours for OAR and targets within seconds. Supports more than 80 OAR and target volume models with high-quality segmentation results.

Multi-functional Plan Evaluation

Supports the comparison and evaluation of multiple treatment plans, plan superposition and subtraction, the superposition evaluation of dose field deformation of ART plans, which helps clinicians quickly select the best treatment plan.

Automated Contouring Workflow

Automatically accepts both imaging and planning data, intelligently identifies parts of imaging, contours in batches and automatically sends them to the treatment planning system, greatly reduces manual operations.

UIH Physician Workstation

UIH Treatment Planning System

Automates the planning process, enables contouring and planning with an intelligent algorithm, which facilitates precise radiotherapy.

*Not approved for commercial use. Applications for commercial use are pending in the U.S. and the EU.
UIH Treatment Planning System
Complete Intelligent Application

Intelligent contouring, treatment planning and EPID QA plan, covering the entire planning process to greatly improve the efficiency of clinical work.

Gold-Standard Monte Carlo Dose Calculation Algorithm

Dual GPU accelerates the Monte Carlo algorithm, providing high efficiency of precise calculation results.

Advanced Technical Solutions

Supports coplanar/non-coplanar optimization of SBRT, uARC, dIMRT, sIMRT, and 3D-CRT. Supports various types of constraints, such as biological EUD, DVH and Efficient Ring, and optimizes settings of multi-center and background dose, etc., meeting the needs of clinical application.


Integrates various treatment planning strategies such as 3D dose modelling, beam orientation optimization, and auto-optimization and allows for one -click treatment plan generation. Autoplan helps improve treatment planning efficiency and quality consistency.

Innovative Clinical Application

Supports treatment planning and the formulation of new applications, such as All-in-One, one-stop radiotherapy and online ART, to enable individualized precision radiotherapy.