uCS 3.0T MR

The uMR® 770 is 3.0T MR dedicated to providing outstanding clinical performance while significantly improving your return-on-investment. Combined with an intelligent workflow, United Compressed Sensing, and superior system capability, the uMR® 770 delivers a breakthrough in productivity and image quality. A full range of advanced applications of the uMR® 770, including neurology, angiography, body imaging, cardiology and oncology, helps you expand patient services and create more value.

Delivers efficiency and consistency with EasyScan

Improved Scan speeds with United Compressed Sensing

A full range of advanced applications for clinical and scientific research

a smiling girl sitting in front of the bore of uMR770

Intelligent Examination Platform

Intelligent and Automatic Table Positioning

Automatic table positioning with ONE-click.


Automatic multi-step scan planning with ONE-click.


Intelligent, automatic, and consistent anatomical orientation.

High Speed Imaging

human body imaging featuring high speed in neuron, C-spine, joint, hip, and abdomen
High Speed Imaging

uMR® 770 provides high-speed imaging on all anatomy with significant scan time reduction.

High Efficiency, High Throughput

Acceleration technology enables the uMR® 770 to significantly improve scan efficiency and increase patient throughput.

human body imaging featuring high speed in neuron, C-spine, joint, hip, and abdomen

Clinical Application

head susceptibility weighted imaging
Head SWI
T2 weighted image of head
Head T2W
T1-weighted image of head
 T1-weighted image Fluid-attenuated inversion recovery Fat-saturation
The product is not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons, its future availability cannot be guaranteed.