Reshaping the Performance
of what's 1.5T

uMR® 670 is the new wide-bore 1.5T system that gives you full confidence to deliver the productive, reliable and comfortable experience that matters in MRI examinations. uAIFI DeepRecon ushers in a new chapter of '3.0T-like' image quality through deep learning-based image reconstruction. Moreover, uAIFI EasySense, the contactless respiratory motion monitoring system, delivers a revolutionary way of preparing abdomen scanning and improves patient comfort.

Simultaneously improves SNR and image sharpness

uAIFI DeepRecon: Provides 1.5T System with '3.0T-like' Image Quality

Streamlines the workflow and provides more comfort

uAIFI EasySense: Contactless Sensing of Patients' Respiratory Motions

Covers complete clinical examinations

uAIFI Qscan: Quiet Scanning
for whole body

uAIFI Technology

uAIFI Technology includes a series of innovations: EasySense, the industry's first dual-source phased array millimeter-wave contactless respiratory motion sensing technology; DeepRecon, a deep learning (DL) based image reconstruction technique technology; as well as QScan, quiet scanning technology for whole body.

The uAIFI Technology will provide the uMR® 670 with significant performance enhancements, more powerful imaging capabilities, better workflow, and improved user experience.

*Caution - some applications of uAIFI Technology for commercial use in the uMR® 670 are still pending in the EU, not commercially available yet.

uAIFI DeepRecon*

Deep learning (DL) based image reconstruction technology, simultaneously improving SNR and image sharpness.

*CE registration is in progress. Not yet commercially available in the EU.
Intelligent Noise Reduction

Intelligently removes noise from images while maintaining excellent diagnostic image quality.

Improved Image Sharpness

Delivers high-resolution anatomical structure with sharper anatomical structure

High Fidelity

A double safety lock design in both image domain and K-space domain, delivering high-reliability results.

Broad Field-of-View

Applicable for multi-bed scanning such as whole spine and whole-body imaging.

uAIFI EasySense*

Industry's first dual-source phased-array millimeter-wave radar solution for contactless sensing of patients' respiratory motions.
*CE registration is in progress. Not yet commercially available in the EU.
Streamlined Workflow

No need for technologists to attach a respiratory belt to patients.

Better Patient Comfort

Contactless sensing for free breathing, better for patients with respiratory challenges.

Dual-Souce Millimeter-Wave Radar

Fully integrated within the MRI bore and unobstructed by clothing or MRI RF coils.

Outstanding Stability and Accuracy

0.1mm detection accuracy of breathing motion with a temporal resolution up to 20ms.

Clinical Images
    High-resolution Joint
    Whole-body DWI     
    High-resolution Joint
    Whole-body DWI