uCS® 1.5T MR

For the first time in the 1.5T field, uMR® 588 is equipped with uCS® imaging platform, which enables whole-body high speed imaging, 2s/phase abdominal dynamic multi-phase enhancement and high-resolution diffusion imaging, leading 1.5T into a new era of whole-body compressed sensing.

United Compressed Sensing

Precise Quantification

Intelligent Examination

uAIFI DeepRecon

Deep learning (DL) based image reconstruction technology, simultaneously improving SNR and image sharpness.

Intelligent Noise Reduction

Intelligently removes noise from images while maintaining excellent diagnostic image quality.

Improved Image Sharpness

Delivers high-resolution anatomical structure with sharper anatomical structure

High Fidelity

A double safety lock design in both image domain and K-space domain, delivering high-reliability results.

Broad Field-of-View

Applicable for multi-bed scanning such as whole spine and whole-body imaging.

uCS® Platform

uCS® Imaging Technology

Combining the strengths of PF, PI and CS, the uCS® (United Compressed Sensing) imaging technology has achieved optimized data acquisition and image reconstruction, significantly improving the scanning speed and image quality.

uCS® Imaging Applications

uCS® imaging is applied to the MRI abdominal dynamic scanning enhancement, which can achieve 16× acquisition acceleration and clearly capture the continuous dynamic changes of tissue signals.

Precise Quantification


MAPs can provide the quantitative data required for clinical and scientific research for various organ diseases by accurately calculating the time parameter.


Non-invasive detection of fat content and iron deposition in tissues. Multi-parameter images can be obtained after acquisition and calculation.

Multi-parameter Neuro Imaging

The following parameter maps can be obtained after acquisition: FA, RA, ADC, and color FA, which can reflect the speed and direction of water movement in tissue. Multi-parameter neuro imaging can provide accurate information for disease diagnosis, such as white matter lesions.


Studying the analysis of metabolic content in the human body, spectroscopy can complete the non-invasive detection of metabolite levels in living tissues.

Intelligent Examination

Intelligent and Automatic Table Positioning

ONE-click automatic table positioning without using the laser light for head scans.


Automatic multi-step scan planning and image stitching with ONE-click.


Intelligent, automatic, and consistent anatomical orientation.

Clinical Application

The product is not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons, its future availability cannot be guaranteed.