Intelligent 1.5T MR

uMR® 580 is equipped with an innovative digital platform, which helps achieve more stable system operation, faster imaging, smarter scanning processes and more energy-efficient device management, delivering an agile and efficient user experience.

Intelligent Platform

Intelligent Examination

Intelligent Acceleration

Intelligent System Management

Intelligent Platform

Intelligent Magnet

With in-house developed shimming technology, the uMR® 580 has excellent magnetic field uniformity.

Intelligent Gradient

With intelligent eddy current compensation technology, the uMR® 580 has a high performance gradient.

Intelligent Examination

Intelligent and Automatic Table Positioning

ONE-click automatic table positioning without a laser light for head scans.


One-click automated multi-step scan planning and image stitching.


Intelligent, automatic, and consistent anatomical orientation.

Intelligent Acceleration

High-Speed Imaging

uMR® 580 provides high-speed imaging on all anatomy with significant scan time reduction.

High Efficiency, High Throughput

Acceleration technology enables uMR® 580 to significantly improve scan efficiency and increase patient throughput.

Intelligent System Management

Intelligent Early-Warning

Real-time component monitoring and trending analysis. Early warning of abnormalities is provided to minimize system failure. Greatly improves system reliability.

Intelligent Wake-Up

Automatically monitors the operating status of the system.
During the time between exams, the system automatically enters the standby mode to save power.
It can switch back to working mode within 5 seconds.

Intelligent Control Networks

Intelligent system architecture offers excellent system stability.

Clinical Application