Innovation. Uncompromised.

The uAIFI Technology Platform includes a series of innovations including both hardware and software to fully empower uMR®: EasySense, the industry's first remote dual-source millimeter-wave contactless respiratory motion sensing technology; AI-assisted compressed sensing (ACS) , an integral MR acceleration technology capable of doing acquisitions in seconds; and DeepRecon, a deep learning (DL) based image reconstruction technology, which simultaneously improves SNR and image sharpness. We also offer QScan, a quiet scanning technique for whole body, the SuperFlex Coil with remarkable flexibility and higher RF element density, and more.

For Patients


For Technologists


For Radiologists


Comfort for Patients

- New generation SuperFelx Coil
- Quiet scanning for whole body

uAIFI SuperFlex Coil*

Blanket-like feeling for better patient comfort with higher RF element density.
*Caution - for demo only. FDA 510(k) pending and no CE mark, not commercially available in the U.S. or the EU.
Soft, Comfortable, and Form Fitting

Made of innovative conductive polymer composite material.

Easy Positioning

Flexibly adapts to patients' body contours.

New Decoupling Technology

No coil coupling effect for high-density coil unit arrangement.

New Integrated Preamplifier

Reduced power consumption and thickness.

uAIFI QScan*

Quiet scanning for better patient care.
*Caution - for demo only. FDA 510(k) pending and no CE mark, not commercially available in the U.S. or the EU.
Up to 97% Reduction in Sound Pressure*

Suppresses the noise from the source by intelligently optimizing and smoothing the gradient trajectory.

*Depending on the condition of usage and examination.

Improved Patient Comfort and Satisfaction

Quiet scanning is provided during whole time of the scan including pre-scan and scout imaging.

Across a Broad Range of Sequences

Available for 2D/3D anatomical imaging as well as DWI, SWI, and MRS.

Covers Complete Clinical Examinations

Supports the whole body including brain, musculoskeletal, chest, abdomen, pelvis, angiography, and more.

for Technologists

- Automatic localization and intelligent workflow
- Contactless remote sensing of patients' respiratory motion
- One-click post-processing for plaque identification and analysis

uAIFI EasyScan

Easy operation and consistent results.
Manages Complexity with Simplicity

Intelligent guidance of the whole process, providing high stability and consistency of images.

Simplified Workflow

Optimizes the whole scanning process through intelligent control, calculation, evaluation and coil recognition.

Automatic Localization

Covers the whole body including the brain, spine, cardiac, abdomen and joints.

Intelligent Cardiac Workflow

One-click performs all cardiac localizations.

uAIFI EasySense*

Industry's first dual-source phased-array millimeter-wave radar solution for contactless sensing of patients' respiratory motions.
*Caution - for demo only. FDA 510(k) pending and no CE mark, not commercially available in the U.S. or the EU.
Streamlined Workflow

Without the need for technologists to attach a respiratory belt to patients.

Better Patient Comfort

Contactless sensing for free breathing, better for patients with respiratory challenges.

Dual-Souce Millimeter-Wave Radar

Fully integrated within MRI bore and unobstructed by clothing or MRI RF coils.

Outstanding Stability and Accuracy

0.1mm detection accuracy of breathing motion with a temporal resolution up to 20ms.

uAIFI PlaqueTool*

One-click post-processing for plaque identification and analysis.
*Caution - Not submitted to FDA, not commercially available in the U.S.
Intelligent Centerline Extraction

Automatic centerline extraction and centerline editing tools are provided to identify the intracranial and carotid vessels.

Intelligent Vessel Wall Segmentation and Analysis

Automatic vessel wall segmentation, and contour editing tool are provided, allowing the user to perform vascular segmentations and stenosis analysis.

Intelligent Plaque Analysis

Provides users with a variety of segmentation and editing tools, helping users to segment and analyze the plaque and composition.

3D Mesh

3D rendering showing the fusion of blood vessels and plaques, visually presenting information on the structure of blood vessels and plaques.

Confidence for Radiologists

- Deep learning (DL) based image reconstruction
- AI-assisted Compressed Sensing

uAIFI DeepRecon*

Deep learning (DL) based image reconstruction technology, simultaneously improving SNR and image sharpness.
*Caution - for demo only. FDA 510(k) pending and no CE mark, not commercially available in the U.S. or the EU.
Intelligent Noise Reduction

Intelligently removes noise from images while maintaining excellent diagnostic image quality.

Improved Image Sharpness

Delivers high-resolution anatomical structure with sharper anatomical structure.

High Fidelity

A double safety lock design in both image domain and K-space domain for high-reliability results.

Broad Field-of-View

Applicable for multi-bed scanning such as whole spine and whole-body imaging.


uAIFI ACS (AI-assisted Compressed Sensing) is United Imaging's exclusive MR acceleration solution to best balance speed and image quality. Combining CS, HF and PI, it innovatively introduces the state-of-the-art deep learning neural network as the AI module into the reconstruction procedure. It empowers users to achieve either improved image quality without prolonging imaging time, or reduced imaging time without sacrificing image quality -- allowing more complete examinations while enriching radiologists’ confidence and enhancing patient comfort.

Combination of Four Acceleration Methods

Allows higher acceleration level for MRI imaging.

Up to CT-like Scanning Speed

Enables each body part acquisition within 100 seconds, significantly increasing patient throughput and reducing motion artifacts.

Higher Resolution within Shorter Scan Times

Better depiction of small anatomical structures expands diagnostic capabilities.

Motion Freezing

Benefits elderly, pediatric and other special patients who have trouble tolerating MRI exams, improving the success rate.

uMR® with uAIFI Inside

Designed to provide the uMR® with significant performance enhancements: more powerful imaging capabilities, better workflow, and an improved user experience.