Ultra-wide Bore 3.0T MR

The uMR Omega™ is the world's first 75cm, ultra-wide-bore 3T MR, which is designed to break traditional boundaries without compromising image quality. The revolutionary ultra-wide bore is offered not just for prioritizing the patient experience, but for MRI simulation for radiotherapy treatment planning, or even intraoperative MRI. Combined with the uAIFI Technology, it allows you to perform fast and accurate examinations more easily with improved patients' comfort.

Soft, comfortable, and form fitting

uAIFI SuperFlex Coil

Quiet scanning without compromising scanning speed


Contactless sensing of patients' respiratory motions

uAIFI EasySense

a patient is experiencing uMR Omega™, with a staff on his left, controlling the panel
uAIFI Technology logo shown on a splendid background
uAIFI Technology
The uAIFI Technology includes a series of innovations. EasySense is a contactless respiratory motion sensing technology, which is based on the industry's first dual-source millimeter-wave radar. AI-assisted compressed sensing (ACS) is an integral MR acceleration technology capable of doing acquisitions in seconds. We also offer DeepRecon, a deep learning (DL) based image reconstruction technique and the SuperFlex coil with higher RF element density.

The uAIFI Technology will provide the uMR Omega™ with significant performance enhancements, more powerful imaging capabilities, better workflow, and improved user experience.

Powerful System

front view of the  the Ultra-Wide 75cm Bore

Greater Access for Your Community

Ultra-Wide 75cm Bore.
310kgs. Table Weight Capacity.
In-Bore Lighting for Patient Comfort.

equipment showing GPA with 3.5MW peak power

Technology Required for Ultra-wide Imaging

Next-Generation GPA with 3.5MW peak power.
Gradient Performance of 45mT/m & 200 T/m/s.
0.029ppm @30 DSV Homogeneity (Typical).

uCS®2.0 Platform

The uCS®2.0 Platform enables efficient application of compressed sensing with a routine clinical workflow for 2D, 3D and 4D MR exams. The uCS®2.0 imaging technology pushes clinical boundaries of isotropic resolution and dynamic imaging speed.
the workflow of  uCS®2.0 Platform 
uCS®2.0 Imaging Technology

uCS®2.0 combines the strength of conventional acceleration technologies and innovative compressed sensing, breaking through the limits of both speed and resolution with a maximum acceleration factor of 36x and sub-millimeter isotropic spatial resolution.

uCS®2.0 Processing Engine

The uCS®2.0 Processing Engine is a high-performance computing hardware that includes memory, data network, and premier CPU. The intelligent reconstruction algorithm complements the outstanding computational power, resulting in ultra-fast reconstruction.

the workflow of  uCS®2.0 Platform 

uAIFI QScan*

Quiet scanning for better patient care.
*Caution - for demo only. FDA 510(k) pending and no CE mark, not commercially available in the U.S. or the EU.
Up to 97% Reduction in Sound Pressure*

Suppresses the noise from the source by intelligently optimizing and smoothing the gradient trajectory.

*Depending on the condition of usage and examination.

Improved Patient Comfort and Satisfaction

Quiet scanning is provided during whole time of the scan including pre-scan and scout imaging.

Across a Broad Range of Sequences

Available for 2D/3D anatomical imaging as well as DWI, SWI, and MRS.

Covers Complete Clinical Examinations

Supports the whole body including brain, musculoskeletal, chest, abdomen, pelvis, angiography, and more.

uAIFI SuperFlex Coil*

Blanket-like feeling for better patient comfort with higher RF element density.
*Caution - for demo only. FDA 510(k) pending and no CE mark, not commercially available in the U.S. or the EU.
exploded view of uAIFI SuperFlex Coil*
Soft, Comfortable, and Form Fitting

Made of innovative conductive polymer composite material.

Easy Positioning

Flexibly adapts to patients' body contours.

New Decoupling Technology

No coil coupling effect for high-density coil unit arrangement.

New Integrated Preamplifier

Reduced power consumption and thickness.

exploded view of uAIFI SuperFlex Coil*

uAIFI EasySense*

Industry's first dual-source phased-array millimeter-wave radar solution for contactless sensing of patients' respiratory motions.
*Caution - for demo only. FDA 510(k) pending and no CE mark, not commercially available in the U.S. or the EU.
motion picture of  uAIFI EasySense* showing its effects on human body
Streamlined Workflow

Without the need for technologists to attach a respiratory belt to patients.

Better Patient Comfort

Contactless sensing for free breathing, better for patients with respiratory challenges.

Dual-Souce Millimeter-Wave Radar

Fully integrated within MRI bore and unobstructed by clothing or MRI RF coils.

Outstanding Stability and Accuracy

0.1mm detection accuracy of breathing motion with a temporal resolution up to 20ms.

motion picture of  uAIFI EasySense* showing its effects on human body

Clinical Application

T2-weighted fast-spin echo imaging from a 60-cm FOV
60 cm FOV T2W FSE
T2-weighted fast-spin echo imaging of hippocampus
High-resolution hippocampus T2W FSE
Head SWI+ imaging
Head SWI+
high-resolution vessel wall magnetic resonance imaging
High-resolution vessel wall T1W Matrix 3D FS
Head DTI 256 directions
Head DTI 256 directions
Whole-body DWI
Whole-body DWI
Ankle PDW FS
Ankle PDW FS