Next Generation. Now Realized.

The uPMR 790 enables simultaneous PET/MRI imaging with high temporal and spatial resolution. Next generation PET and MRI technologies redefine routine clinical imaging of real-time anatomical and functional imaging, while redefining cutting edge research imaging.

Redefining the standard of precision of PET/MR imaging.

Time-Space Synergy

Redefine cutting edge research

uSync research collaboration platform*

Whole process intelligent and precise imaging

Intelligent platform

uPMR 790 showing fast speed in simultaneous PET/MRI imaging

Features & Benefits

uCS 2.0 Platform workflow motion picture showing features

uCS2.0 Platform

Breaking through the limits of both speed and resolution.

32cm PET FOV

Whole body scan in three bed positions for whole-organ imaging in a single bed position.

2.8mm NEMA PET Spatial Resolution

2.8mm NEMA PET Spatial Resolution

Significantly improves quantitative accuracy and small lesion detectability

TOF with 2 detectors to increase distribution probability


Accurately locate small lesion.

uSync Research

The uSync research platform enables new levels of PET/MR research with simultaneous encoding of MR sequences, list-mode PET data, and physiological information into the same raw data stream, fulfilling space-time synchronization. This functionality facilitates new research opportunities, including simultaneous tracking of PET and MR tracers, simultaneous cardiac PET and MR, functional neurological PET/MR, and multi-parametric radiomics.

Intelligent Workflow

Using intelligent algorithm, the uPMR 790 can realize a series of features such as intelligent positioning, bed planning, attenuation correction, and quality control. These features can greatly simplify the workflow, and reduce the threshold to PET/MR use.

Clinical Case Studies

6 pieces of neuro imaging on the brain
Neuro Imaging
Whole-body Imaging with 4 bodies comparison
Whole-body Imaging
Oncology imaging, including 4 human bodies
Oncology Imaging
Cardiac Imaging with clear contrast
Cardiac Imaging
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 *for research only, not for clinical use