Breaking Barriers in Every Direction

uMI Panorama sets industry standards with the finest National Electrical Manufactures Association (NEMA) PET spatial resolution, truly-fast time of flight (TOF), extendable axial field of view (AFOV), the wide bore and 318-kg (700-lb) table weight capacity that accommodates patients of all sizes.1 Leveraging its advanced features for streamlined workflows, enhanced personalized care, and expanded research opportunities, it leads to new possibilities in healthcare.

Strengthened by the Ultra Digital Platform (UDP) detector, uMI Panorama aims to excel in all directions, delivering exceptional capabilities and ultra-high-resolution images. With this advanced system, every scan is optimized for accuracy, enabling precision diagnoses and personalized treatment plans.

Excel in All Directions

Experience an impressively simplified workflow on the uMI Panorama. Empowered by the uExcel platform, uMI Panorama employs fully-intelligent applications to effortlessly streamline routine tasks, saving your valuable time and resources.

Maximize Workflow Efficiency with Intelligence

Engineered to meet your needs today and tomorrow with full support of all-tracer imaging, uMI Panorama unlocks new possibilities for exploration. Enhanced by its built-in research tools, you can now venture beyond traditional boundaries, embracing a future of breakthroughs.

Unlock New Possibilities for Exploration

Meet uMI Panorama

2.9 mm

NEMA Spatial Resolution

≤194 ps

Timing resolution2

≥144 cps/kBq

Effective system sensitivity3

28/35 cm

Extendable PET axial FOV

Excel in All Directions with uExcel Technology

The uExcel technology platform was born with its innovative designs and versatile applications in response to your clinical and research needs. Comprising the Ultra Digital Platform (UDP) detector, the intelligent scanning toolset uExcel SCAN, the AI reconstruction engine uExcel CARE, the efficient quality control system uExcel QA and the research aid uExcel EXPLORE, this platform aims to empower you to truly excel in exploring clinical panoramas with ease and innovation.

Pioneer in Precision with the uExcel UDP Detector

The uExcel UDP enhances the capabilities of uMI Panorama with the ultra-fine 2.76-mm LYSO crystals, 100% SiPM coverage on the crystal array, and the state-of-the-art proprietary chips, enabling high-quality image acquisition and small lesion detection.

Finest Scintillation Crystal4

The ultra-fine 2.76-mm LYSO crystal, coupled with the ultra-smooth surface polishing technique, enables a remarkably high NEMA spatial resolution of 2.9 mm, facilitating the delivery of exceptionally clear images with ultra-high resolution.

100% SiPM Coverage

uExcel UDP features a LYSO array that is fully covered by Silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs), ensuring efficient light detection from the scintillator while minimizing signal attenuation.

Proprietary ASIC Design

uExcel UDP powers uMI Panorama to achieve the exceptional 194-ps timing resolution due to its molecular-imaging-specific integrated circuit uExcel ASIC, which excels in signal transmission speed and readout efficiency.

Extendable Axial FOV

With an extendable axial field of view allowing for a wider range of applications and more flexible clinical scenarios, your first uMI Panorama, will have more space for exploration.

Maximize Workflow Efficiency with Intelligence

uMI Panorama is greatly empowered by innovative technologies integrated into the uExcel SCAN and uExcel CARE workflows. With uExcel SCAN, you can rely on intelligent positioning, scanning, and motion correction to streamline your routine tasks and maximinze your work efficiency. And uExcel CARE features uExcel DPR and uExcel AIIR reconstruction algorithms to ensure clear images even at low doses.

uExcel uVision

The 3D camera of uExcel uVision features automatic isocentering positioning, leveraging a variety of anatomical landmarks to tailor protocols to each patient's unique needs. This design ensures comfort and accommodation for patients of all shapes, sizes, and clinical conditions.


EasyRange automatically plans the scanning range based on anatomical landmarks observed in the scout images, thus significantly streamlining the previous manual adjustments.

uExcel DPR & uExcel AIIR

Leveraging the power of deep learning for noise reduction and contrast enhancement, the reconstruction algorithms uExcel DPR and uExcel AIIR elevate the quality of PET and CT images respectively, ensuring safe, comfortable, and reliable PET/CT exams.

Unlock New Possibilities for Exploration

Empowered by its top-notch performance, uMI Panorama achieves high-quality images of different tracers with a wide range of radioactive activities, allowing for a broad exploration space.

New-Tracer Imaging
  • 68Ga-DOTA-SST
  • 68Ga-FAPI
  • 68Ga-PSMA
  • 68Ga-CPCR4-2
  • 18F-PSMA
  • 18F-FAPI
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Case Gallery

OncoFocus demonstrates clear demarcation of hepatic and gastric lesions.

The high-resolution system with 194-ps TOF performance delivers exceptional image quality for peritoneal and omental diseases.

Time of flight technology enhances the high contrast visibility of small lung lesions.

The widespread metastasis of breast cancer can be clearly revealed by the high-resolution system with the super-fast time of flight.

High-resolution imaging is enabled with a Gallium-labeled tracer in a low dose.

High-resolution imaging facilitates the visualization of leptomeningeal metastasis.

OncoFocus facilitates clear delineation of subcentimeter lower lung nodules.

Lung cancer with liver metastases hard to be seen can be clearly detected with OncoFocus.

Unseen lesions of the osteosarcoma with liver and lung metastases can now be visualized with OncoFocus.

NeuroFocus mitigates head motion artifacts in 18F-AV45 imaging.

TOF performance enhances high-resolution brain PET imaging with combined anatomical and functional information.

TOF technology renders high-definition gray and white matter imaging in Epileptic patients with MRI.

NeuroFocus corrects head motion artifacts in 18F-FP-CIT imaging.

Myocardial morphology can be revealed with data-driven respiration motion correction.

uMI Panorama facilitates a systematic assessment of marneffei basket bacteria infection.

Ki imaging reveals higher contrast within lung cancer on uKinetics.

Ki imaging demonstrates enhanced contrast in pancreatic lesions and increased detection of metastases.

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1 Based on measurements available at time of publication. Data on file. ECRI. Date of access: 02/07/2023.
2 Acceptance value measured according to NEMA standards publication NU2 NU2-2018. During acceptance tests, the system typically demonstrates improved performance, such as the TOF performance of 189 picoseconds (ps) based on external measurements available at the time of publication. For details, please refer to Li, Guiyu, et al. "Performance Evaluation of the uMI Panorama PET/CT System in Accordance with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association NU 2-2018 Standard." Journal of Nuclear Medicine (2024).
3 Measured with TOF gain on uMI Panorama 35.
4 Compared to current state-of-the-art technologies of commercially available PET/CT systems. Data on file.
United Imaging does not make any claims regarding the safety and effectiveness of tracers that have not been approved by the FDA or CE.
Onscreen reproduction and display may result in a certain degree of image-quality degradation.