Flexibility and Reliability

The high performance imaging chain of the uDR 592 enables accurate and consistent generation of high quality images while serving a large patient volume. The manual-motorized integrated movement-uExceed imagings acquisition system and advanced high precision-manufacturing technique make it a value-based digital X-ray imaging system.

Automatic Tube-detector Tracking System

Large Coverage Wireless HD Flat Panel Detector

Built-in Detector Charging

Wireless Flat Panel Detector

Large Coverage Wireless HD Flat Panel Detector

The 17"×17" high definition flat panel detector supports a wide range of positioning needs.

Built-in Detector Charging

Easy access to charging provides long lasting detector performance.

Highly-efficient Workflow

Automatic Tube-detector Tracking

Synchronizes movement between the X-ray tube and the table flat panel detector to significantly reduce patient positioning time.

Omni-directional Tube Module

Flexible manual steering supports a variety of patient positions.

Tube Angle Display

Real-time patient positioning with an embedded angle gauge for precise imaging.

All-in-one Intelligent Workstation

The simplified and highly customizable uExceed operating system supports high resolution multipatient examinations with an intelligent pop-up display and comprehensive post processing functions.

Clinical Application

Lumber Vertebrae AP
Lumber Vertebrae LAT
Chest AP
Foot AP Oblique