A medical staff is standing in front of uDR 380i Pro.

Smart & All-around

United Imaging's third generation mobile DR is equipped with the advanced tablet X-ray console, integrating uVision, built-in microphone and X-ray imaging acquisition system in one. The breakthrough ultra-narrow body design and high capacity power system redefines the boundary of mobility in mobile DR imaging.

Remote Vision and Control

Ultra-compact Design

Cutting-Edge Image Processing Technology

United Imaging's third generation mobile DR

Innovative Application

A medical staff is doing Remote Vision and Control.

Remote Vision and Control

The built-in collimator camera and multifunctional remote tablet allows the operator to monitor patients, adjust APR protocols, and preview images at a radiation free distance.

A medical staff is adjusting the six-axis column.

360° Positioning Coverage

The adjustable six-axis column permits flexible positioning for every ER and ICU application.

two batteries showing Ultra-long Range

Ultra-long Range

The high capacity lithium battery and superlight chassis enables 80km continuous travel or 800 X-ray exposures with a one-time charge.

Simple Operation

A medical staff is pushing the Power Assistance System.

Power Assistance System

Easily maneuver the system using one hand with the help of the electric propulsion assistance.

A medical staff is doing the bedside fine-tuning control.

Bedside Fine-tuning Control

Intuitive fine-tuning buttons enable precise position adjustments to achieve the desired system position.

A medical staff is moving  the 47cm ultra-narrow body easily.

Ultra-compact Design

The 47cm ultra-narrow body width can easily move through complicated environments including narrow corridors and tight spaces.

HD Images

HD Images of uDR
Lightweight Wireless Flat Panel Detector

The 125um detector provides clear visualization of microstructures and increases diagnostic confidence.

X-ray Tube and High Voltage Generator

The powerful HV generator and large capacity X-ray tube combination consistently supports high image quality under heavy usage.

Cutting-Edge Image Processing Technology

Advanced X-ray scatter control algorithm provides high image quality under low dose.

HD Images of uDR

Clinical Application

Foot AP Oblique
Foot AP Oblique
Lumber Vertebrae AP
Lumbar Vertebrae AP
Lumber Vertebrae LAT
Lumbar Vertebrae LAT
Chest AP
Chest AP