Expand Your Access to
Premium CT Applications

The uCT 820 scanner is equipped with advanced AI technologies and designed with a patient-centered philosophy. It provides comprehensive tissue characterization, minimizes radiation exposure, enables rapid volumetric imaging, and streamlines exam setup for enhanced patient throughput. uCT 820 delivers an exceptional premium CT examination experience for both you and your patients.

Premium Clinical Versatility

With an AI-empowered workflow that covers the entire process from scanning to diagnosis, the uCT 820 scanner provides an excellent CT examination experience that is both highly intelligent and precise. You can now deal with challenging clinical scenarios with ease.


uAI Vision provides streamlined, standardized isocentric positioning for each exam.


Tailored imaging for each individual through the intelligent scanning planning.


By employing a range of intelligent reconstruction algorithms, the quality of clinical images can be significantly enhanced.

Post Processing*

Streamlined post-processing applications for superior quality of CT imaging and high efficiency of diagnosis.

  • Premium Cardiac Imaging
  • Premium Stroke Imaging
  • Premium Emergency Imaging
  • Premium Oncology Imaging


By automatically choosing the phase with the least motion artifacts, CardioXphase enables high-quality coronary CTA imaging while reducing technologists' efforts for image processing and reconstruction.

0.25 s Rotation Speed

The system features a one-piece casted gantry structure integrated with a direct motor system that provides precise rotation speed control, enabling a 0.25s rotation speed and exceptional temporal resolution.


Using an intelligent motion correction with an AI-empowered coronary artery algorithm, we have improved the temporal resolution for cardiac imaging to 25 milliseconds.

180mm Dynamic Cerebral Perfusion

The dynamic perfusion technique provides a wider perfusion scanning range than the detector coverage and delivers full brain functional information with up to 2 seconds cycle time.

Automated Post-processing

With the use of automatic bone removal, CTA images can be obtained quickly and accurately. Moreover, the CTP analysis software offers a range of functional parameters, including CBV, CBF, TTP, MTT, and Tmax, to enhance the precision of diagnosis for ischemic stroke.

Equivalent 30MHU heat capacity

Advanced liquid-metal bearing technology enables the scanner to be prepared for any type of scan at any time.

Real Time 3D

Real-time image preview enables quicker identification of lesions, making it particularly suitable for emergency departments.

Automated Post-processing

The automatic marking of ribs and vertebral discs facilitates prompt diagnosis of bone factures.

0.5mm Pixels

With a 0.5mm detector pixel size, finer structures can now be better visualized with every scan. The improvement of Z-axis resolution also helps to reduce partial volume effects and improve the ability to identify overlapping lesions.

1024 x 1024 Reconstruction Matrix

A 1024 x 1024 Reconstruction Matrix enhances the spatial resolution and helps reveal the smallest of details for the most challenging examinations.

Premium Patient Care

With the full-chain low dose technology and patient-friendly design, uCT 820 brings unparalleled patient experience, allowing radiologists and technologists to focus more on the patients rather than the procedures.

82cm ultra-wide bore

The spacious 82cm bore enables a comfortable patient examination experience and a flexible operating space, while also providing enhanced imaging capabilities for bariatric patients.

60kVp Scan Mode

60kVp scans reduce radiation dose while maintaining image quality especially for smaller size adults and pediatric patients.

Automatic Exposure Control

Intelligent recognition of size, shape and attenuation information of different parts of the human body and automatically adjusts the radiation dose delivery.

Organ based Auto ALARA mA

Automatic recognition of the chest and abdomen with an AI-based technology allowing optimized dose planning and image quality for the entire scan range.

uAI Vision

The auto ISO centering function optimizes the radiation dose and image quality without regard to the operator's skill variance.


Based on through-silicon via (TSV) technology, the Z-Detector results in almost loss-free digitized signals, significantly reducing the overall image noise and reducing radiation dose.

Built Upon a Powerful Foundation

With a robust imaging chain that includes Z-Detector technology, a rotation speed of 0.25s, a Equivalent 30MHU heat capacity, and an ultra-wide 82cm bore, alongside a table weight capacity of 700 lbs., and advanced clinical solutions to facilitate imaging of a diverse range of patients and exam types, including advanced cardiac, acute care, and trauma cases.

Clinical Applications

Automatically selecting the best phase improves the quality of coronary imaging

Improving coronary artery display and reducing motion artifacts through AI algorithms

A temporal resolution of 25 milliseconds greatly enhances the quality of cardiac imaging for irregular HR.

Fast and precise triple rule-out imaging can be achieved with a rotation speed of 0.25 seconds.

Obtaining full-brain perfusion imaging beyond the width of the detector through shuttle perfusion technology

Automatically and accurately extract blood vessels in Carotid CTA , with a clear display of vascular details.

By combining AI workflow with a powerful tube, the emergency imaging of extensive trauma cases can be enhanced: Kidney Rupture

Spectral CT for assessment of small kidney stones

High-definition reconstruction matrix displays small nodules

The 82cm ultra-wide bore allowing flexible positioning for bariatric patients

*Independent of CT, separate CE certification.