Performance. Profound.

The uCT 760 features a fully integrated Z-Detector. The ultra-low electronic noise of the Z-Detector, along with powerful imaging chain, greatly improves the clinical user experience.

reveals the diagnostic details with minimized radiation dose

Powerful Imaging Chain

provides comprehensive and reliable cardiac imaging capability

Cardiac Excellence

uCT 760  with a fully integrated Z-Detector

Innovative Z-Detector

Innovative Z-Detector
Fine Sampling

The refined voxel size realizes the exquisite visualization of anatomical details

Scintillating Detector Material

Gadolinium oxysulfide scintillator (GOS) provides a fast and high conversion efficiency of X-rays

Ultra-low Noise Design

Z-Detector based on the high performance through-silicon via (TSV) technique significantly reduces noise to provide high quality images at low dose

Powerful Imaging Chain

GWB Reconstruction Accelerator

GWB Reconstruction Accelerator

The fully customizable and scalable computing architecture of Ghost Wheel Board (GWB) has the capability of six regular GPUs (Graphics Processing Units).

KARL 3D Iterative Denoising

KARL 3D Iterative Denoising

The state-of-the-art algorithm is performed in both the projection and image spaces to provide low dose, high quality images.

3D dose distribution plan

Auto ALARA kVp

uDose generates an optimized 3D dose distribution plan for every individual scan according to anatomical information.

Comprehensive Cardiac Imaging

Comprehensive Cardiac Imaging

Intelligent and adaptive phase selection

Integrated Wireless ECG Monitoring System

Catch every heartbeat signal precisely

Multi-Phase Cardiac Imaging

Boost diagnostic confidence

Advanced Application Platform

Intelligent and efficient analysis

Comprehensive Cardiac Imaging

Clinical Application

High Heart Rate: 93 bpm
Arrhythmia: 55-104 bpm
Carotid CTA
Pulmonary Nodule
Pulmonary Emphysema
Arterial Aneurysm
Foot Injury
*For details about the product configuration and clinical applications, please consult your local sales representative.