Chinese Technologies Provide Emergency Technical Aid for the Specialized Hospital for Treatment of Patients with COVID-19 Zangiota-1&2 in Uzbekistan
COVID-19 Pandemic

In March 2020, the Uzbek government announced a lockdown to curb the spread of the COVID-19. As radio presenter Nazra Inoyatova in Tashkent recalled, "Everyone had their plans for what to do in the coming week. Many were looking forward to the celebrations of Nowruz (vernal equinox). In an instant, everything changed."

a female patient in the hospital

Taking up the Challenge

The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic struck an unprecedented blow to the healthcare system of Uzbekistan which has a population of 35 million. As of December 2020, there were a total of 93,978 confirmed cases in Uzbekistan, with over 400 cases added daily. To cope with the situation, the government had to urgently set up the Republican Specialized Hospital of Zangiota-1&2 as a national pandemic control center. Dr. Marufjon Salokhiddinov was neuroradiologist, Head of Radiology Department at Zangiota 2 Republic Hospital under the Ministry of the Health.

Dr. Marufjon Salokhiddinov said, "As the infection rate ran high, we had to maintain good protection in the hospital to avoid cross infections between doctors and patients; more than 70% of the COVID-19 patients had lung infections, and our radiology department performed CT scans on more than 400 patients every day. It was an onerous duty."

front view of the Republican Specialized Hospital of Zangiota

Rush to Aid the Frontline

To cope with the pandemic, the hospital introduced uCT® 520 and COVID-19 intelligence-assisted analysis system. With its AI-based intelligent navigation system and environment sensing system, the uCT520 can dynamically track mobile patients and complete intelligent positioning, posturing and rapid scanning in the compartment, thus saving the trouble for patients to remove their masks and doctors to enter the scanning room. The streamlined operation process effectively improves work efficiency, reduces the burden on doctors, and avoids cross infections, thus providing better protection for medical staff.

At the same time, with the help of the industry's first COVID-19 intelligence-assisted analysis system and a whole-process AI solution that integrates overall and local pneumonia image characteristics and precise pneumonia image classification, image reading efficiency is multiplied by 10, and precise lesion quantification and quick information processing are made possible with a diagnosis accuracy rate of 95%-96%. This substantially improves doctors' diagnosis efficiency, while allowing rapid triage and intelligent follow-up through automatic grading and evaluation. the Specialized Hospital for Treatment of Patients with COVID-19 Zangiota-2 is the first hospital in Central Asia and Commonwealth of Independent States to introduce this intelligent digital public health solution.


The Battle of Honor

As a hospital dedicated to treating the COVID-19 patients in Uzbekistan, the Specialized Hospital for Treatment of Patients with COVID-19 Zangiota-2 received around 400 patients each day. It has introduced CT and MR equipment from United Imaging, becoming the first hospital in CIS countries to introduce an AI solution.

Led by Dr. Marufjon Salokhiddinov, the mobile cabin hospitals team finally prevailed over the difficulties. In October 2021, the local government conferred "Presidential Medal for the 30th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan" upon Dr. Marufjon Salokhiddinov.

autobiography of Marufjon Salokhiddinov
Marufjon Salokhiddinov
Director of Radiology Department, the Specialized Hospital for Treatment of Patients with COVID-19 Zangiota-2, Uzbekistan
"I am grateful to all those who have supported me to win this prestigious medal. Without the support of United Imaging, my dream could not have come true. uCT550 and AI solution can be used not only for pneumonia detection, but also for clinical research in oncology, neurology, traumatology in the future."