Kindling the Medical Dream in Kazakhstan with High-End Technology

Kazakhstan, the world's largest landlocked country, is vast in territory but sparsely populated. Over the years, in its relentless battle against diseases, this country has remained dedicated to bringing healthcare to all citizens. The introduction of United Imaging's medical equipment has given a significant boost to their tour.

A Crucial Choice: Introduced the first 3.0T MR to Karaganda

Karaganda City is a regional center, which is located 240 kilometers away from the capital. In the past, lacking advanced diagnostic equipment, many patients suffering from complex diseases here could not receive timely and precise treatment, having no choice but to endure sorrow.

During the pandemic, United Imaging introduced the uCT 520 to Kazakhstan. The state-of-the-art equipment delivered high-quality images swiftly, effectively addressing the pressing diagnostic needs. Impressed by the exceptional performance, Dr. Oleg Mazurchak, Chief of the Radiology Department at Hippocrates Medical Center, Karaganda City and Expert radiologist in the region, made a momentous decision- to introduce the first 3.0T MRI equipment for Karaganda from United Imaging.

Dr. Oleg Mazurchak and a patien

"We found there were no 3.T MR systems in Karagandy so we had to send patients to Astana or Almaty if they needed to. But now they can receive the scan here," Dr. Oleg said. The 3.0T MR greatly benefits neuroimaging; for example, those complex lesions as neurovascular conflicts that couldn't be detected before now are visible, and those patients are able to get diagnostic procedures without leaving the city. Also, the applications are understandable and intuitive. "The interface is well arranged and we have access to all available functions. We are very satisfied with it."

In the future, Dr. Oleg is eager to introduce digital PET-CT from United Imaging, further improving the breadth and depth of local healthcare. He is committed to dedicating his full efforts to healthcare in Karaganda and the entire country.

Efficiency Enhancement: Release the Medical Burden in Astana

Whether in rural or urban areas, the lack of high-end medical equipment remains a pervasive challenge. In the capital, Astana, Pr. Zhanar Abdrakhmanova, the head of the Radiology Department at Astana Medical University and Chief radiologist in Nova Diagnostic and Mediscan clinics, has been at the forefront of the fight for medical efficiency.

Due to the lack of awareness about early screening and the absence of advanced medical equipment, many patients missed the critical treatment window. Today, the number of cancer patients is steadily rising, leading to prolonged suffering. Dr. Zhanar has been in search of these "advanced weapons" to enhance medical efficiency.

Pr. Zhanar Abdrakhmanova and a technician

The technology from United Imaging captured her attention. Integrated with AI, the CT equipment provides significantly improved scanning efficiency. "When I tested it I was really impressed by the image quality, functionality, and specific features that were not part of our daily routine work before," Pr. Zhanar said. Notably, the equipment reduces the workload on technicians and enhances the comfort of patients during scans.

Furthermore, Pr. Zhanar also utilizes the MR equipment from United Imaging, which has become her essential tool for pelvis diagnosis. "With over 20 years of experience working with other systems, I can say that I like the image quality that meets European standards and also the user-friendly interface provided by United Imaging's products."

Nurture Medical Talents for the Whole Country

Fostering ethics and nurturing talents are imperative for the healthcare sector, Kazakhstan's healthcare professionals are not only seeking advanced medical equipment but also striving to inspire young people to join the healthcare development.

Pr. Tairkhan Dautov

Pr. Tairkhan Dautov, the head of Radiology and NM divisions of University Medical Center, Astana City, and vice-president of Kazakhstan Radiology Society, said, "My purpose is simply to help and engage more young people in the field of radiology, and special thanks to United Imaging, they support the education process in the beginning."

Talking about the future, Pr. Tairkhan expressed interest in further collaboration with United Imaging. "We will have deep collaboration with China's companies. United Imaging is at the same level, and some positions are much higher."

Together for a Further Bright Future

Over the years, with collective efforts, Kazakhstan's healthcare sector has undergone a revitalization.

Dr. Botagoz Kaupbayeva

Dr. Botagoz Kaupbayeva, the chairman of the Medical Accreditation Center of CIS region (independent accreditation center approved by WHO), stated, "My professional dream is to ensure Kazakhstani patients receive safe and high-level medical service. Today, there are about 2,000 medical organizations capable of providing medical services supported by national health insurance. Nevertheless, we still face issues related to the availability of medical services in certain areas. The government is contributing to making efforts t to address these issues, and we are very interested in the new medical technologies that are emerging worldwide. The collaborations and exchanges will undoubtedly benefit the country."

Crossing borders and uniting all, the power of advanced medical technology is continuously reaching out to individuals across the globe, bringing healthcare hope to all.