Theranostics in Action: A Bold, Advanced Medical Future

Dr. Anthony Chang had a vision: to transform the future of medicine, where technology saves lives instead of being a distant promise. His journey began with a heart-wrenching loss — a 4-year-old girl's life cut short by delays in accessing cutting-edge medical solutions. With this tragedy engraved in his mind, he founded BAMF Health, a catalyst for change in the world of theranostics.

"BAMF is a mindset. BAMF is a lifestyle," says Dr. Chang. "We need to invent, we need to disrupt the current system, bring in new technology and new infrastructures to the world in order to serve the patients better."

The concept of "Theranostics" had long been a topic of conversation in the medical world, holding the promise of revolutionizing patient care. Yet, the future it envisioned seemed elusive. Dr. Brandon Mancini, Medical Director of BAMF Health's Grand Rapids clinic, emphasizes the urgency, stating: "The infrastructure in the United States and beyond isn't set up currently to enable that transition from a therapy that can be offered, to a premier therapy that is necessary for millions and millions of patients."

In BAMF's quest of seeking out the best technologies that could fulfill their goal - achieving intelligence based precision medicine - United Imaging's uEXPLORER, the world's first and only medical imaging 3D scanner capable of capturing the entire human body in a single bed position, stood out. The uEXPLORER accomplishes total-body (two-meter) imaging in one acquisition in as little as 30 to 240 seconds, while allowing for fast and continuous tracking of tracer distribution in blood, organs, and tissues throughout the body. The system also offers unparalleled support for pharmacokinetic studies and radiation dose evaluation and has a wide range of applications, from improving diagnostics to tracking disease progression to enabling research of new therapies.

"Having the technology, the uEXPLORER, from United Imaging, allows us to ensure that every last cancer cell that can be visualized is visualized, so we know how to best address that person's situation," highlights Dr. Mancini.

BAMF Health's pioneering use of the uEXPLORER is rewriting the script on prostate cancer treatment. With FDA approval for targeted radiotherapy using PSMA, they've provided new hope for patients who had few options beyond chemotherapy. These groundbreaking treatments have provided a lifeline for patients in advanced stages of the disease, some of whom were just weeks away from losing their battle. "You're literally creating new birthdays, loved events, births of grandchildren, weddings, holidays, things that were thought to not be possible," says Dr. Mancini.

BAMF Health's patient-centered approach goes beyond medical treatment. Dr. Mancini explains, "Our aim is to provide the best possible outcome in a comfortable environment." This commitment is evident as soon as you enter their facility, where inviting, well-lit rooms and modern amenities create a reassuring atmosphere. The lobby, adorned with designer furniture, sets the tone for a welcoming and comforting experience.

"We're taking that holistic approach to our care, our consultations, our treatments, and our team approach -- and treating the person, not the disease, to ensure that they're having the best outcome possible in the most comfortable environment possible," Dr Mancini says. "We're treating everybody like a family member."

BAMF Health's partnership with United Imaging has propelled them to the forefront of medical innovation. With cutting-edge technology at their disposal, they are not only redefining theranostics but also pioneering new avenues in clinical research. Their vision extends beyond prostate cancer and neuroendocrine tumors to fields like cardiology, neurology, pediatrics, and even inflammation and arthritis.

"We have to remember why we all jump into the healthcare field, either as a researcher, as clinicians, or in the industry – we all, at the bottom of our hearts, want to help patients." Dr. Chang emphasizes. Driven by the unwavering commitment to patients, BAMF Health continuously forges this transformative journey, striving to open a bold and advanced medical future for everyone.