RSNA 2023 Witnessed United Imaging's Healthcare Revolution Spark

At RSNA 2023 in Chicago, the United Imaging booth was a buzz of excitement. At our Innovation Launch, Jeffrey M. Bundy, CEO of United Imaging in the U.S., reflected on our transformative journey -- from being new entrants just five years ago sparking curiosity about WHO we were, to now, where the industry is keen to know HOW we've so rapidly advanced our mission of Equal Healthcare for All.

Senior Vice President Michael Coulter, highlighted our dedication to revolutionizing healthcare with innovative, U.S.-tailored products and technology.

At our booth, the revolution is not just displayed, but experienced:

Immerse yourself in the uAIFI Technology Platform, showcasing the AI-driven future of medical imaging.

Navigate the uDR 380i Pro through our interactive obstacle course to experience its versatility in demanding clinical environments.

Discover United Imaging Intelligence's uAI-MERITS technology (not available in the U.S.), merging the medical Metaverse with AI for a comprehensive healthcare management vision.

Let's relive the innovative spirit and unity that define our journey towards a brighter healthcare future.