United Imaging Introduces Next-Generation PET/CT Systems and Integrated Molecular Technology Platform at SNMMI
United Imaging, a global leader in manufacturing advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment and a Leadership Circle sponsor at this year’s SNMMI, is making news on several fronts at SNMMI’s annual meeting in Chicago this week.

“There has been a debate in the marketplace for a while about the relative importance of resolution, axial field of view (FOV), and time of flight (TOF),” said Jeffrey Bundy, Ph.D, CEO of United Imaging Healthcare Solutions about the company’s product launch. “With the new wide-bore uMI Panorama and its 2.9 mm NEMA resolution, 35 cm axial FOV and 194 ps timing resolution, we will gladly have a conversation on any single specification or the collective benefit of all of them, because with this particular product, the need to compromise is gone.” 

The uMI Panorama was teased recently in the media as one of United Imaging’s four new products in four different imaging modalities so far this year. Cheri Gottke, Vice President of the Molecular Imaging portfolio for the U.S., added that the uMI Panorama is currently installed at Huntsman Cancer Center in Salt Lake City, Utah and that “we chose SNMMI as the official stage to debut it.”   

United Imaging is showcasing a cutting-edge Molecular Imaging technology platform along with the uMI Panorama, called uExcel. The platform integrates hardware and software innovations to optimize performance, imaging capabilities and system functionalities. Its ultra-digital platform (UDP) detector boasts a high-performance ASIC chip, and its AI-empowered workflow streamlines operations and enhances examination efficiency. Exceptional image quality can be achieved with a lower dose, and the quality assurance module maintains peak performance of the system.
The uMI Panorama is a family of products that also includes a 510k pending system with a 148 cm axial FOV, the uMI Panorama GS. Built on the uExcel platform, this ultra-long axial FOV system allows for fast and high-resolution whole-body PET/CT imaging in a single bed position. The uMI Panorama GS is also being unveiled at SNMMI.  

United Imaging continues to see steady acceleration in demand for its popular digital PET/CT the uMI® 550, in both mobile and fixed configurations. “This is one of our most important molecular imaging innovations,” continued Gottke. “The entire digital portfolio from the uMI 550 to the uMI Panorama offers exceptional PET and CT image quality that improves quantitative accuracy and small lesion detectability. Our portfolio includes All-In Configurations™ and Software Upgrades for Life™ so that all our scanners truly stand the test of time from both a technological and a clinical perspective.”
The entire uMI portfolio is also “Born with AI” from the ground up, rather than being retrofitted with it later. This allows a seamless integration of artificial intelligence (AI) across all products, which optimizes daily workflow, improves the patient experience, and creates stunning diagnostic images. United Imaging’s artificial intelligence (uAI®) streamlines routine clinical workflows by auto iso-centering patients and defining the scan range. Its systems also allow faster scanning with less dose, while improving PET and CT imaging quality and providing image consistency in all clinical settings, from academic to freestanding imaging centers.  
SNMMI announced in its Value Initiative Newsletter that United Imaging is joining the Leadership Circle and taking an Industry co-chair position.