United Imaging’s Pioneering 75 cm, Ultra-Wide-Bore uMR OMEGA™ helps patients get an MRI.
Memorial MRI & Diagnostic Installs United Imaging's Pioneering 75 cm, Ultra-Wide-Bore uMR OMEGA™

United Imaging, a global leader in manufacturing advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, and Memorial MRI & Diagnostic, a leader in diagnostic and imaging services in Texas, celebrated the installation of new technology for its patients in Katy, TX.

According to Todd Greene, COO of Memorial MRI and Diagnostic, the uMR OMEGA purchased from United Imaging is the first 3T MRI in an outpatient imaging center in Katy and Memorial's first 3T MRI in the Houston area.

"We look for the right value and technology, so we have strategically aligned with United Imaging in some of our very strategic, high-end imaging modalities to provide best-in-class technology for our patients." he said. "You have to select technology that is scalable, relevant, and very usable. But, equipment is just equipment if it's not working well, if it's not upgraded in a timely way. We really look for a company that can walk with us down our path, be it quality, service, or our goals around providing access to the best MRI exams to our community. We look for all of those components to drive excellence." He cited as an example United Imaging's Software Upgrades for Life™ program, where all installed systems are upgraded with the latest software at no additional charge throughout the life of the equipment.

The uMR OMEGA in Katy is the 12th medical imaging system Memorial MRI has purchased from United Imaging to aid in its expansion, according to Abram Voorhees, Vice President of Magnetic Resonance and Computed Tomography in the U.S. "Memorial MRI & Diagnostic puts the patient first and cares so much about expanding to serve their community in the best way; we feel very aligned with them and their mission and we want to support them in achieving it for many years to come." The 75-cm ultra-wide bore uMR OMEGA was selected to reduce barriers for patients that historically have difficulty getting an MRI, including large athletes, bariatrics, and patients with claustrophobia and anxiety. In practice, the uMR OMEGA increases Memorial's ability to successfully scan more patients in their community.

Jeffrey Bundy, Ph.D, CEO of United Imaging Healthcare Solutions, added that his goal from the moment the company launched in the U.S. in 2018 has been to make sure every employee at every customer will have a superb experience with us. "Achieving that to this point has confirmed, three and a half years after entering this market, that United Imaging was needed in our market and industry."