Pushing the Boundaries of Breast Imaging

uMammo 890i pioneers a new breakthrough in low-dose, high resolution breast imaging.The CMOS Starlight imaging platform is equipped with dual-angle 3D breast imaging and U-View synthetic 2D technology, greatly increasing the early detection rate of breast cancer while reducing dose by 41%. Together with uStereo stereotaxic biopsy device, it provides a complete solution for early screening, accurate diagnosis, and biopsy positioning of breast cancer, caring for the need of every woman.

CMOS Detector

Dual Angle Tomography

U-View 2D Synthetic Imaging

uStereo Stereotaxic Biopsy System

Pushing the Boundaries of Breast Imaging

3D Imaging Platform

3D Imaging

Displays structures at different depths to improve lesion and outer profile detectability to reduce the effects of overlapping tissue, improving breast cancer detection rate.

CMOS Detector

49.5 μm detector enhances the indentification of micro calcifications. Individual pixel signal amplifier provides super high resolution imaging with low dose. High electronic transmission efficiency  eliminates  image lag and other artifacts.

Dual Angle Tomography

Freely select from 15° DBT angle for high volume screening and 40° angle for high confidence diagnosis.

U-View 2D Mammography

U-View 2D Synthetic Imaging

U-View intelligent reconstruction algorithm automatically generates one high resolution synthetic 2D breast image from tomography images, greatly reducing radiation exposure and compression time from additional exposure.

Intelligent Low Dose Breast Imaging

The intelligent AEC image acquisition automatically selects exposure parameters based breast thichness and mammary gland types. Automatic filter combinations reduce radiation exposure while maintaining excellent image quality.

Graces Advanced Breast Diagnostic Workstaion

Breast Imaging Workstation
Versatile Slice Reconstruction

Adaptive tomosynthesis thickness view provides a detailed spacial illustration of lesions and calcification clusters.

Intelligent Lesion Localiztion

Multiple hanging protocol & Comprehensive tools make digital mammography review more flexible and simplified. Localizer tool helps user pinpoint tomo-slice positions inside the 3D breast volume.

2D & 3D Breast Image Processing

Hybrid hanging protocol creates synchronous display of 2D and Slice images for easy comparison. Both tomo slab and plane view are available.

Breast Imaging Workstation

Clinical Application

Slice of LCC
Slice of RCC
U-View LCC
U-View RCC